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Nom: downthemall 1.1.8
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Système d’exploitation: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS
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downthemall 1.1.8

Allez voir notre site Modules Mobile. Méfiez-vous des anciennes versions! Automatically correct incorrect file permission preferences which might have been left over from DTA-2 3. Adjust filter wildcard support to be more like fnmatch file name matching 3. Make fast-filtering always work correctly against URLs and descriptions 3. Fix downtnemall regression introduced in 3. Fix an issue where DownThemAll! Added now finished it Italian locale and update other locales as available 3.

Fixed a bug in the preallocator preventing resuming downtthemall downloads with multiple segments 3. Rewrote code that writes data to disk to prevent out of memory issues for very high speed downloads 3. Improved display with certain third-party dark Firefox themes 3.


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Improved platform-specific shortcuts 3. Better handling of « cloudflared » domains and a new hidden preference 3. Added now finished es-ES, fr, zh-TW locales 3. Fixed a bug where on certain, few websites DownThemAll! Fixed a bug where the DownThemAll!

Fixed an issue where for some downthenall the automatic-renaming on naming conflicts did not always work 3. Save Form works again 3. Firefox 50 and later: If there are unresumable downloads while there is also a DTA update, DTA will tell Firefox to postpone the update via their new mechanism.

Fixed text links not working when calling DTA on a selection 3.

downthemall 1.1.8

Fix window dragging on Windows 7 3. Fix search bar icon 3. Fix missing icons on some Firefox versions 3. Detect name conflicts early again 3. Fix an issue where checksums set via Add Downloads dialog were not used.

downthemall 1.1.8

Fix directory permission problem potentially introduced by the last version 3. Fix close-on-complete preference having no effect 3. Fix filters downtthemall imported correctly sometimes 3.

Metalink4 RFC support incl http headers Finer grained queue management functions HiDPI Retina icons Improved user interface incl full Australis support Some new customizable preferences Better support for third-party tools such as AntiContainer Many tiny improvements and fownthemall Some speed improvements Better handling of « aggressively » configured cloudflared servers Restartless add-on and corresponding new code architecture Some new very advanced power user preferences, e.

DTA only proxy available via about: Fix some minor downthemaall issues Added sk-SK translation. Filesonic premium and other downloads via the Save-As window were not working correctly Fix: FTP resuming regression Updated locales 2.

Fixed downfhemall regression from 2. Per-server connection limits were ignored Fix: Resume button sometimes was incorrectly disabled when selecting multiple downloads at once. Downthemall started downloads won’t load after a browser restart during the download downloads that were queued but not started were not affected.

The pre-allocator failed to always work Added gl-ES and ro localizations Minor improvements and fixes Full release notes. Tools menu icons were fixed Added downloads are scrolled into the view again Access keys added back Dropdowns histories Directory, Mask, Fast Filtering: If the « Number of Entries to keep » preference is 0 upon upgrade, it will be reset to the default 5.


Historique de version de DownThemAll!

This will only happen once. You may change it back afterwards. This is to accommodate users who inadvertently set it to 0, and now wonder why their histories aren’t stored any more If the Preference is set to 0, then the default values will be used.

Some naive authenticating proxy servers and web applications stopped working when turned on. The Remove-menus in the manager are now split-menus: You can click the menu item to launch the default action, or click or hover the downthemsll arrow to get to the more fine-grained actions Fixes concerning some third party themes Updated locales, adding French and Traditional Chinese translations Couple of Firefox 4 fixes Minor improvements and fixes Full release notes.

This is caused by a bug in the Windows 7 Filtering Platform WFPwhich some software, especially Anti-Virus tools, uses to filter incoming traffic for malicious content. Microsoft released a hotfix for this, which we recommend you install if you’re affected by this: Knowledge Base article with download link. The bugfix hence is supposed to fix any high memory consumption you may also dkwnthemall experiencing with other download managers or internet tools.

We are not sure if this hotfix downthemal also provided via the Windows Update service. Thanks to one of our users for pointing this out. Changes This list of changes is not complete. Please refer to our more detailed ChangeLog Preallocator might not kick in when resuming Fixes for dark themes Notice window might cause Firefox 3. Pour créer vos propres collections, vous devez avoir un compte Mozilla Add-ons. Créer un compte modules ou se connecter à votre compte.